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Regular Daily Class Schedule

  • 1st hr. 7:47-8:38
  • 2nd hr. 8:42-9:33
  • 3rd hr. 9:37-10:28
  • 4th a hr.10:32-11:08
  • 4th a LUNCH 10:28-11:08
  • 4th b LUNCH 11:08-11:48
  • 4th b hr. 11:12-11:48
  • 5th hr. 11:52-12:43
  • 6th hr. 12:47-1:38
  • 7th hr. 1:42-2:36
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AHHS Description
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Arthur Hill High School is committed to providing a safe and secure educational environment through which all of its graduates demonstrate civic responsibility, proficiency in the core curriculum, and preparation for lifelong learning and work.

AHHS Purpose(click link)

  • World Day Thur - 4/17/14
  • Day of Fun
  • Ms Tracy's class

2012-2013 Annual Report Arthur Hill High School click here

*The School-Based Health Centers of Health Delivery Inc. will be hosting a parent-focused workshop called "Talk Early, Talk Often (TETO)" on Saturday March 22nd from 11am-1pm at the Covenant Lecture Theatre (700 Cooper). The workshop discusses effective communication skills related to adolescent sexual health. Please join us! Click here for more information

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