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Nathaniel B. McClain
Greetings from our Principal

We encourage all parents to develop close working relationships with their child’s instructors. Parents can expect to receive timely feedback regarding your child’s academic status, attendance, and citizenship within the classroom. Teachers will be using their common planning time to discuss concerns that are impacting students’ performance in the classroom such as: reviewing student products and data on assessments, grading, and make-up work policies, parent conferences, and establishing norms for classroom conduct and management. They will also be developing recognition incentives to reward students for outstanding academic accomplishments, attendance, and leadership, etc.
In addition, all students will demonstrate achievement of grade level benchmarks for the content standards of reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies. We will increase student achievement on MME/ACT tests to meet or exceed State growth targets in all subgroups of students each year until all students are proficient.

We firmly believe that all students can learn within a rigorous and challenging curriculum based on grade level standards when a system of diagnostic, formative assessments are used to monitor attainment and instructional presentation, where activities are engaging and based on proven learning focused strategies, and students are provided adequate time to process and acquire knowledge.

Please continue to assist us as we enhance our instructional practices while focusing on building meaningful relationships with students and families.

Updated- December 14, 2012 4:39 PM

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